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A Sandy Jelly Belly Shop

I do not believe anyone gets to spend enough time at the beach.  This is especially true with my family.  So, Val, Olivia, and I spent a day lying on the beach with my younger brother and his girl friend.  What a nice gal.  As we enjoyed the sun that shone itself through the fog, the turbulent Pacific waves pounded the beach sand, creating a polishing effect for the most beautiful rocks.  You see, we were not there to take in the sun and work on eliminating our farmer’s tan but rather layered up with clothing, gloves, and a hoody and walked almost two miles in the sand from Big Lagoon Park to Patrick’s Point State Park’s Agate Beach. We found a place were the medium size rocks mingled with the dark gray sand, and we nestled down for the long haul.  Rolling the rocks over with our hand, we would search for the elusive agate that lay waiting to be found.  Because all the rocks there were very beautiful, I could not help but to save a few of those also; red, green, yellow, orange, stripes, spots, and multiple of those listed.  After a couple of hours, some good conversation, and quite a few agates, we called it a geological day.  As we started the two mile walk back to the car, we decided we would walk with a whale for company.  This stretch of beach is very steep allowing for deep waters very close to the shore.  About 100 feet from the shoreline the whale meandered taking its time feeding.  Keeping the same pace as the whale, we walked with him for about three quarters of a mile while the hump back fed on the shore fish.  It finally drifted out to deeper waters as we approached more shallow surf.  We could not take the whale or the suntan with us, but the beautifully polished agates will be a reminder of our trip to Arcata and of God’s work here upon this beautiful world.  (:There are over thirty agates in the rock picture.  See how many Jelly bellies you can find:)


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