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Waffles and Chocolates

No eye contact and a set of blinders is the apparel of choice in the city of Antwerp.  This seems to be the status quo for most big cities.  But, once I caught their saintsattention, most were willing to stop, stay, and discuss anything for any length of time.  A few times they went further than going out of their way to help me.  It appeared to be a perfect chance for them to stop and talk to someone who speaks English every day.  I was very impressed. Predominantly Flemish in Northern Belgium, French is also a necessity, with most citizens speaking English also.  Some speak just a little English, but others love to practice theour-lady-2 English language and were more than happy to indulge in conversation.  Delectable Italian Restaurants (my weakness) are everywhere.  Kiosks containing Gauffres (Belgium Waffles) with your choice of powdered sugar, whipped cream, ice cream, strawberries and chocolate topping were easy to be found.  Frietkot (French Fry shack) served with mayonnaise are a Belgium mainstay.  I found just the right chocolate shop—Elisa, One factory, one small store outlet, and maybe fifty different types of chocolates.  I tried 15 or 20 varieties.  I’m melting! But nothing topped assumption-of-the-virginthe opportunity to take a tour with a personal guide through The Cathedral of Our Lady.  This Cathedral is an astounding piece of architecture built in 1352 which contain many 16 century Baroque paintings from local artist such as Peter Paul Rubens and Otto Van Veen.  Visiting Belgium has rekindled my long lost interest in art and ancient architecture which is encouraging a desire within me to visit more European restaurants—no… I mean countries.  Everyone deserves a chance to visit Antwerp.


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