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Etching a Memory

I was standing in the dark and far to the side of a quiet freeway swatting at tens of mosquitoes that were trying to get their dinner.  The weather was calm which made me a sitting duck for a hungry bug.  The half moon illuminated the landscape just enough to see were I was standing.  Val was in the car with her headlights on high beam.  I tried to find a setting on the Kodak to get the best shot of the reflective “Welcome to Indiana” sign I could get.  I was not having much luck, but the mosquitos were having a free buffet.  Tiny lights drew my attention away from the Kodak, Indiana, the blasted mosquitoes, and even Val who was trying to get her headlights in a better position for me to take a picture.  There, twenty feet away, were tiny green lights that were etching a memory I would not soon forget.  In an amazed state, I wandered up to the hedge were the fireflies did not seem to care that I was even there.  I glanced over the hedge, and the row of trees that lined the field, which I now stood by, was engulfed with thousands of fireflies.  I am sure I would have looked like a buffoon to an Indianaite, but that was not going to stop someone living on the other side of the Rocky Mountains to enjoy such a beautiful site.  Val and I were able to take some long looks at other fireflies during our stay in Illinois.  Some were green, some blue, and some yellow.   I sustained a few wilts for the experience, but it was truly the fireflies that etched the memory.


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